Oolala! Getting Frenched! (with Jason Dunda)
25 minutes

The "lost" episode from their Visiting Artist Residency during fall of 2012 at Illinois State University where the International Chefs of Mystery! set the record straight about the origin of ALL cuisines... Videography Michelle Wallace Post Production Joshua Slater The International Chefs of Mystery! wish to profusely thank the Visiting Artists Program at the School of Art through the College of Fine Arts at Illinois State University for the gracious opportunity to continue their tomfoolery on campus especially faculty members Mellssa Oresky, Melissa Johnson, Dominic Moore, Michael Willie, Jin Lee, Director of University Galleries Barry Blinderman, and Vikkie Cossio, Administrative Aide par excellence for her paperwork dexterity, all of whom put up with our bad attempts at humor as well as the students of our Pun Intended seminar who graciously participated in Drag It Through The Garden, our one-evening only group exhibit. And last but not least, special thanks to our then graduate assistant Harry Sidebotham whose job it was to make sure we were introduced to Reggie Redbird.